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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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8-Week Stress Reduction Course

In as little as 8 weeks, you can be more relaxed, less stressed, and enjoy your daily life more fully!

Using techniques that have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry, you can do things that you thought would never be possible.

Here is an overview of each week's class and what you'll learn.

Week 1: Waking Up Your Autopilot

Learn about the mental habits that you use to save brain energy and how these habits decrease your actual awareness. Discover the basic benefits of mindfulness.

Week 2: Keeping Your Body in Mind

Understand the constant interplay of the thoughts and emotions in your mind and the physical responses in your body. Develop the ability to use your body as a gauge for your emotions.

Week 3: The Mouse in the Maze

Find out how avoiding unpleasant thoughts can limit your overall creativity and reduce your options for making choices in your daily life. Learn a technique to help reduce stress in just 3 minutes.

Week 4: Moving Beyond the Rumor Mill

Discover the constant commentary that your mind gives you on the world and how much of the information is just like a rumor. See how these rumors in your mind can cause an inappropriate reaction to everyday situations.

Week 5: Turning Towards Difficulties

Determine how you are relating to your daily life – Avoidance or Acceptance. Hear about the benefits linked to Acceptance and how to get those benefits in your life.

Week 6: Trapped in the Past or Living in the Present?

Learn how your “overgeneral memory” holds on to negative thoughts more strongly than positive ones. Discover how you can be compassionate and kind to yourself.

Week 7: When Did You Stop Dancing?

Are you in the Exhaustion Funnel? Find out how to rebalance your life with more nourishing activities and less draining ones.

Week 8: Your Wild and Precious Life

Look back at the positive changes and look forward to living your life according to your values. Develop your own personal plan for maintaining peace in a turbulent world.

This 8-week course ($1100 value) is available at the low price of $799.

Group classes are opening soon or you can do the course individually and at your own pace.

Regain peace of mind and a sense of control in your life!

Contact us today to start your journey to less stress!